Welcome to ChromAfrica Instrumentation Services

Bringing Scientific & Technical Resources to the African Countries

ChromAfrica Instrumentation Services regularly offers series of short courses training programs and workshops on analytical equipment, Regulatory issues, compliance, environmental as well as health and safety issue.

Our Values

We are dedicated to providing scientific and technical training and resources to African scientists, in areas such as Chemistry, Biotechnology, Regulatory affairs, Waste management, Environmental and Health and Safety aspects.


To improve the lives of all African Scientists through the development of local scientific resources, by:

  1. Capacity building, through training African scientists about the latest scientific technologies
  2. Collaborations with government, educational, and private organizations
  3. Networking to create linkages among all the stakeholders
  4. Developing an Open laboratory for Research and Development

Quality Service and Maintainance


With a team of professional and reliable suppliers we are proud to provide the best analytical instruments

Latest Technologies

We apply and consult the latest techonology and competitive pricing on our supplies.



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